Cheese, glorious cheese. One of the most ubiquitous and delicious foods on our planet - a cornerstone of any kitchen or restaurant. Cheese comes in all different styles, shapes and milk types, and today we're jumping into the world of artisanal cheese to explore some delectable fromage from across the globe. This collection of cheese was photographed from my workplace, Milk the Cow (located in St Kilda). All cheeses presented in this site can be purchased from MTC and are all as delicious as they look.

Image of a slice of Cashel Blue.


Image of a slice of Brique d'Argental.


Origin: Lyonnaise, France
Style: Soft-ripened, cow's milk
Taste: Buttery, creamy, yeasty

Produced in the Fromagerie Guilloteu near Polussin, in the region’s traditional brick shape, this bloomy, white mould exhibits a creamy and buttery flavour with rather mild fungal aromas. It’s smooth and supple interior offers a hint of nutty sweetness and develops a silky texture with ripeness.

Image of a slice of Tallegio.


Image of a slice of Gjetost.


Origin: Norway
Style: Semi-soft, cow and goat's milk
Taste: Fudgy, caramel, sweet

Gjetost is a sweet, dense caramelized brown Scandinavian cheese produced under different names in various countries. The cheese gets its brown colour and fudge-like texture from the slow simmering process which allows the milk sugars to caramelize, giving it it's unique appearance. Rather than most cheeses, the Gjetost is produced entirely with whey, which results in a high protein content. It's fudgy, caramel like texture and taste makes it a perfect accompaniment with coffee.

Image of a slice of Buche de Chevre.


Image of a slice of Berry's Creek Riverrine.


Origin: Gippsland, Victoria
Style: Blue-mould, buffalo's milk
Taste: Creamy, savoury, sweet, spicy

Berry's Creek Gourmet Cheese is both owned and operated by experienced cheese-maker Barry Charlton and his partner Cheryl. With over 30 years worth of experience, his cheeses have been recognised overseas with the highest awards at the World Cheese Championship in Wisconsin, USA. They handcraft their cheeses in their factory nestled in the hills of Gippsland at Poowong North. The Riverine Blue is a cheese for blue lovers and novices alike.

Image of a slice of Brie de Meaux.


Image of a slice of Berry's Creek Riverrine.


Origin: Modena, Italy
Style: Hard, cow's milk
Taste: Sharp, fruity, savoury, nutty

Parmigiano Reggiano, or 'Parmesan' cheese as it is called in English is considered to be among one of the top cheeses by cheese connoisseurs. Today, it is produced by various producers in Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) areas in Italy. PDO designation states that for a cheese to be called as Parmesan, it has to be produced from cows grazing on fresh grass and hay. Cheeses imitating Parmigiano Reggiano are called as Parmesan or Italian hard cheese by producers to avoid legal issues, and do not ever reflect the true quality and taste of the original product.

The owner of this collection belongs to all of the great staff at Milk the Cow. The cheese display shown in the background here can be viewed on-site at Milk the Cow's St Kilda location. Drop by some time for an indulgent cheese based experience.